Tip of the Week: Upload multiple files in Invisible App engagement

This week’s tip features one our newest enhancements - the ability for the end user to upload multiple files as part of an Invisible App engagement. :tada:

Set up is simple. In the file Upload module, select the acceptable formats and set a limit on how many files can be uploaded. That’s it!

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The file size of up to 10mb can be uploaded and the maximum no.of files that can be uploaded are 10 (which can configured in the Invisible app properties)

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Thank you @arun.ashokan for sharing!

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This is a great feature to have in the app!

Today during customer training I realized that there is another field to assign a default file name to the uploaded docs before storing them in a variable. how did I miss it in this release?

I need to hang out more with the product team I guess :wink: